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A Karaoke Night can become a central focus for your Bar, Restaurant, Party or Corporate Event in Albox, Spain and the surrounding areas. Not only will it provide a unique service, but it is an ideal source of entertainment for all ages. Our Karaoke facility will take care of all your requests providing you with a wide selection of music in different languages. It will have the atmosphere going in no time!

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Beatz Theme Ideas For Your Next Karaoke Night

We all love karaoke night, whether it’s heading to your local pub, celebrating a birthday or you are just having friends over to have a great night in. BEATZ can put a little twist on that night and with extra fun by having a theme night, and there are loads of ideas to choose from that will make it special. 
Read on to find out some of our favourite themes.


People who love karaoke often are big fans of musicals too, so a musical-themed karaoke night is a great idea, especially for those who love to be a bit flashy. 

The 70's

Having a theme night based on a decade of music is always a popular choice, and though there are many fantastic decades of the 20th and 21st century with fantastic hits to choose from, our top three are the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The 80's

Choosing a decade for your theme night means there are hundreds of songs to choose from, and the 80s offered up as many classics as the decade before. 

The 90's

People may joke that the 90s are something to forget, mostly for the questionable fashion, but the music of that decade is something to be celebrated, and one way is with karaoke. 


Film soundtracks are often the way to hear a new song or find a new appreciation for an old song. Whether the film is a tear-jerker, action-thriller or fantasy, the right song at the right time can transform a scene, and become a classic in its own right.


Disco is a genre a lot of people will pretend to hate when they secretly love it. The fast tempo and catchy tunes made it perfect to dance to, and though its popularity waned in the 80s, it has seen revivals that shows it is still a great choice.

Love Songs

A theme suitable for a girls night, birthday or a hen do, there are a plethora of songs about love and heartbreak to put on a karaoke playlist.

1 Hit Wonders

Let some of the one hit wonders shine again with a theme night, and there are plenty to choose from! Some of our favourites include “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus, “One and Only” by Chesney Hawks, “How Bizarre” by OMC,.
One hit wonder

Rock Nights

We've all been there, strumming the air guitar and jumping around the room, now is the time to put your vocals to the test.
Rock Nights